Vista Ridge Integrated Pipeline
Arias is providing Geotechnical Engineering services for the Vista Ridge Integration Pipeline project that consist of new delivery point treatment facilities, new ground storage tanks, a new high service pumping station, new transmission pipelines, upgrades to existing pipelines, upgrades to existing pumping stations (including piping, control valves, pump replacement and SCADA), instrumentation and rehabilitation/replacement of existing pipelines. The new pipe design and installation includes an estimated 8,600 linear feet (LF) of 54” pipe, 5,400 LF of 36” pipe, and 4,600 LF of 24” pipe. The project will include approximately 3,000 LF of non-contiguous tunneling under topographic features, roadways, and/or drainage features. The project facilities include Terminus Pump Station and Water Treatment Plant, Bitters Pump Station Additions, Maltsberger Pump Station Improvements, Basin Pump Station Improvements, and General alignment installations, approximately 12 miles in project length, including crossings of US 281 and IH-410.

Vista Ridge Regional Supply Project
Arias is providing Construction Materials Testing services for the Vista Ridge Regional Supply Project that consist of construction of approximately 36 miles of 54-inch and 104 miles of 60-inch Potable Water Transmission Pipeline extending from San Antonio, Texas to near Caldwell, Texas; construction of a new well field including 9 well sites and 18 wells, and well access roads; 3 each 4 MG Storage Tanks, 1 each 10 MG storage tank, 1 each 5 bay cooling tower, 1 each 44 MGD High Service Pumping Station near Caldwell, TX; 1 each 44 MGD Intermediate Pump Station near Elgin, TX and 1 Intermediate Pump Station near San Marcos, TX; along with other various facilities required to complete construction of the project.