The San Antonio River Improvements Project (SARIP) was a $358 million investment offering flood control, amenities, ecosystem restoration and recreational improvements to approximately 12 miles of the San Antonio River in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Arias provided Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Materials Testing services for the Museum Reach, Mission Reach and Museum Reach Park Segments.

Mission Reach
Improvements along the Mission Reach Segment focus on ecosystem restoration. The project’s ecological features consist of restoring the natural flow and native vegetation. The recreational features include over 15 miles of hike and bike trails, six (6) Pedestrian Bridges, shade structures, overlooks and river edge landings.

Museum Reach
The Museum Reach Segment doubled the length of the existing Riverwalk, extended the distinctive San Antonio experience to a previously undeveloped section of the river north of downtown, stabilized the river channel, extended navigation by river barge through the addition of a lock and dam, and created access along a linear park that links major cultural institutions and commercial centers. The Museum Reach Park Segment portion of the San Antonio River improvements project encompasses Josephine Street to Hildebrand Avenue, which is near the San Antonio River headwaters.